Jessica Levant

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Jessica's work sometimes blurs the line between fine art and decorative design. Her style/themes – whimsical, abstract, bold, urban, music, objects, ironic, play of color, monochrome - are influenced some by the pop art of her youth and more by a stubborn insistence on looking around a thing as much as the thing itself. It's entertaining and memorable and often surprising. She has a habit of seeing visual irony in ordinary life scenes and of turning the unexpected into a straightforward piece of art. She's the first to admit however that her work does not fit neatly into any genre. She loves color, but also lets her photos tell her if they'd rather be black and white. She mixes, layers, color-shifts, outlines, and then sometimes just shoots an abstract or - oops - a pretty scene. The aim is always to offer the viewer art that engages, and makes them want to stay around a while.