Artist Registration FOR SF OPEN STUDIOS 2020

is now live!

ArtSpan’s 2020 SF Open Studios will not be bound by weekends, neighborhoods, geography, or specific studio sites. We will be hosting LIVE virtual events over a series of days from mid-September through mid-October to ensure each artist gets an event slot. These virtual offerings will be hosted on Booth Central, a trusted virtual art festival platform, with additional more intimate gatherings via Zoom.

**SF Open Studios represents artists that identify as members of the San Francisco - Bay Area creative community.**

Start here:


four steps to SFOS registration

Watch the SF Open Studios 2020 Registration Tutorial Here:

1. Artist Membership

  • You must have a current Artist Membership.  Artist Members have access to a huge number of benefits, including free workshops, exhibition opportunities, and inclusion in networking and social events. Dues are $50 a year. 

2. Register

  • Sign into your Artist Dashboard to access the REGISTRATION PAGE and Register for the level of participation that you want. 

3. Create Studio Event

  • From your ARTIST DASHBOARD,  you will be see a red banner asking you to complete your registration. Here you will select your primary medium and indicate if you are participating as part a group or as an individual.

4. Upload Guide Image

  • If you are a PLUS or PREMIER Registrant, upload an image that will be printed in the Guide. Our full color guide features 2.5 inch x 2.5 inch images for each PLUSPREMIER Artists along with their contact information. 
  • This image is a great way to drive collectors to your website and your virtual events. Pick it carefully and prepare it well. Here are some tips.
  • Take a look at last year's guide to give you some ideas of the type of images that work well.  Square images maximize the useable space.
  • Image Specifications: Ideal image is 300 dpi, Tiff, CMYK.  Jpegs and RGB images are accepted, but are not optimized for printing, so color shifts are more likely. 

    Printed Guide Image Requirements Tutorial Video:


Then listen for further instruction!

Check your email spam filter and make sure that the domain, and the address are white listed. **WE WILL BE EMAILING YOU TO SCHEDULE YOUR VIRTUAL SFOS EVENT**

More Questions? Please contact or call 415-861-9838. 

Pictured above: Dianne Hoffman