Mix, Mingle, and Make! ArtSpan produces Artist Mixer events throughout the year to give San Francisco artists a chance to meet, mingle, and make art with each other. All events are FREE for ArtSpan Members! Suggested $20 Donation for General Public. Upcoming mixers will be listed on the Mixer Schedule below.

Contact dianne@artspan.org if you are interested in hosting an ArtSpan Artist Mixer, or volunteering at an event. 

Upcoming Mixers

Artist Mixer: Mission Kiss with Nathalie Fabri
Thursday, February 11, 2021 6-8pm
Online via Zoom: Register HERE

ArtSpan invites YOU to take part in the Mission Kiss Project by creating your own heart. This online Artist Mixer is proudly sponsored by ArtSpan’s community partnership with Blick Art Materials. 30 participants will be sent in the mail a Liquitex Basic Acrylic Set, paint brush and a 10” x 10” laser cut wood shaped heart with a hole for hanging. The hearts will come with a pre-drawn profile of a couple kissing. You can use this as a guide, or erase it and create your own design. Nathalie will offer participants painting ideas and techniques. Afterwards you can hold onto your heart, hang it in your own neighborhood, or learn from ArtSpan Artist Nathalie Fabri how you can include your heart as part of The Mission Kiss community art project in San Francisco during the month of February. Learn more about The Mission Kiss project HERE. 


Artist Mixer: "Yes! Book" making with Soad Kader
Thursday, March 11, 2021 6-8pm
Online via Zoom: Register HERE

At this virtual mixer, ArtSpan Artist Soad Kader will guide you to create a personal collection of spontaneous collages made with everything you love and conjures the feeling of YES!
Putting together your “YES! Book” is a reflective, playful, and creative process accessible to everyone regardless of artistic experience. This mixer is an opportunity to be present, connect with yourself as well as fellow creatives while finding insightful inspiration. This online event is proudly sponsored by ArtSpan’s Community Partner, Blick Art Materials. 30 participants  will receive in the mail an Elmer’s Glue Stick and a Blick Artists Lined Notebook to use with instruction during the event.



Artist Mixer: Meditation For Creative Focus
Thursday, April 8, 2021 6:30-7:30pm
Online via Zoom: Register HERE

ArtSpan Artist Silvi Alcivar will speak about what meditation is and how, in as little as five to ten minutes a day, a consistent meditation practice can influence not just an artist’s life but also their art. By turning awareness inward, toward compassion for ourselves and acceptance of what is, meditation not only brings to the surface what we might not otherwise see, but can also help us find ease, inspiration, clarity, focus, intuition, authenticity, freedom from unhealthy thinking, motivation, and insight. Silvi will suggest simple, accessible ways of approaching a practice and offer resources for continuing one. We will begin and end the hour with a short guided meditation.


Mixer Testimonials:

"I had such an amazing time at last week's ArtSpan Artist Mixer! The cafe was great, the figure drawing was great, and I loved meeting so many new artists! Thank you!!" - Artist Attendee

"Thanks for bringing such a fun event to the gallery, it was a blast! We'd love to do it again." - Kim Larson, Modern Eden Gallery Director